The medicine ball (a weighted ball that looks a bit like a basketball) is an old-school piece of equipment that’s making a big return to gym-based fitness training. The balls range in size and weight so you can use them for a variety of training goals. If you’re training for fat loss or an ultimate weight loss with clenbuterol cycle , a medicine ball may be the only piece of equipment you need.

Medicine balls are great for fast fat-loss workouts because you can move through exercises really quickly, keeping your heart rate up. They’re also great for boosting your power because the weight is light enough not to hamper the speed of your movement.

The exercises you do with a medicine ball are multi-joint compound exercises that work your whole body, so are a better choice than using machines in the gym, which concentrate on one small group of muscles at a time. You’ll get more from your workout in a shorter space of time, and use movements that are more like those we use in everyday life.

Here are four of my favourite medicine-ball exercises. back in your heels. As you stand up, press the medicine ball above your head, then lower it to your chest before repeating.


WHY DO IT?: It lifts your heart rate and increases power.

HOW TO DO IT Holding the ball above your head in both hands, throw the ball down to the ground just in front of you or against a sturdy wall above your head, then catch it again. Repeat several times.


WHY DO IT?: It lifts your heart rate and works your legs.

HOW TO DO IT Hold a medicine ball with handles (or a kettle bell) in one hand straight down in front of you, with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Keeping your back straight, eyes looking forward, bend at your hips and knees, swinging the ball back between your legs before flicking it up by pushing your hips forward and squeezing your glutes. Keep your arm straight and bring the medicine ball up no higher than shoulder level before returning to the start position under control.


WHY DO IT?: It challenges your stability and tones your waist.

HOW TO DO IT:Stand with your legs slightly apart, holding the medicine ball at chest height with your arms straight out in front of your chest. Step forward with your right leg, bending it to 90° and keep your back upright. In the lunge position, rotate your body to the right (as shown in the picture above), then back to the centre again. Push up through your right heel to go back to the start position, then repeat with the other leg.

You can find more information about the healthy weight at http://www.cdc.gov/healthyweight/